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Thursday 18 November 2010 Photos

Thursday 18 November 2010: opening ceremony;

ThA1 Session: Aircraft Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration;

ThA2 Session: Process Control;

ThA3 Session: System Monitoring;

ThB1 Session: Computational Intelligence Methods;

ThB2 Session: Robust Model-Based Fault Detection;

ThB3 Session: Fault Tolerant Control;

ThP1 Plenary Session: "New Perspectives for Research in Fault Tolerant Control", Prof. Ron J Patton, Hull, UK;

ThP2 Plenary Session: "Developments in bilinear systems modelling and control with industrial applications", Professor Keith J. Burnham, Coventry, UK;

ThP3 Plenary Session: "Design and Evaluation of Reconfiguration-based Fault Tolerance using the Lattice of System Configurations", Prof. Marcel Staroswiecki, Lille France.